Shronda Fletcher

Leading with Purpose: Your First 5 Years as a Social Studies Coordinator

May 22, 2022 By Shronda Fletcher

 The 21st century has been a very interesting time for those of us who are responsible for the organization of a social studies program within a public school setting.  Let’s take a moment to review… 9/11 refocused politicians and ultimately society on the role and responsibility that comes with democracy. Hurricane Katrina made us reevaluate the difference between equity and equality in addition to the true effects of migration. Finally, the elections of this time period exposed flaws and created questions about democracy, equity, equality, immigration, and the effects of misinformation. If we were to analyze these historical events and draw a conclusion in regards to their effects on society, the conclusion would most definitely center around the overall lacking of true historical thinking skills, the lack of true social studies knowledge in our society and most importantly the need for true social studies leadership within a public school system.